Stone Circles

Stone Circles and Quarries

These projects were collaborations of artists brought together by sculptor Eva Gesine Wegner to realize her vision to return something to the earth: for example, to sites that were damaged and ravaged by human intervention, or places that experience hardship; or to celebrate places that provide our vital resources such as wells and springs.

Stone Circle in Gratitude for Water, Dallau, Germany, 2011
This stone circle was placed in a most beautiful meadow in the Valley of Mary on the banks of a lively brook in the Nature Park in the Odenwald, Germany.

Cassandra, Afytos, Greece, 2010
This stone circle is dedicated to the town Afytos, on the peninsula Cassandra, and to the prophetess Cassandra. It is situated on an important archeological site overlooking the Mediterranean Sea to prevent it from being used commercially.

Burg Preppach 2007
This is a sandstone quarry in Germany. The stones remained in the quarry.

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