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Other works, prints, collages, paintings:

Animals, Travels, Memories and Confabulations

Musings during Lockdown March – April – May 2020

Inside everyone is a traveler

Longing to be free

These lines of a modern haiku by William C. Hannan, began a journey back into memories about my many trips to Japan. Haiku is one form of Japanese poetic sayings, sometimes wise, profound and enigmatic, sometimes humorous.  Travels had to stop so very abruptly. After having recovered from mild symptoms of this virus, energy and creative activity were sluggish. The impetus to look for images in my photo collection or make drawings came from reading poetry and haikus.Some are about nature, urban landscapes, skyscrapers and electricity lines, others are more abstract scribbles and doodles.

Like all forms of matter, the human being is not a fixed essence. It is constantly engaged in relations of becoming, which opens us up to other modes of being. It is suggested that this becoming–other happens through contagion. I wonder whether when being infected by Covid-19, we enter such a liminal, an in-between state of becoming? At this moment we are neither human nor animal but other, we are ill. We experience a pure intensity where all form seems to come temporarily undone, as do all meanings.

The symbolism of stones is permanence. Every stone holds an extensive past and connection to the universe. Energy is hidden in stones and they give us a deep sense of the world and universe around us. We remember loved ones we have lost by placing stones on their graves in memory.


Swimming or Flying


2017. Pigment on hand-made Nepalese paper. Dimensions 25 x 38 cm


caught un-wares


2016 – 2017. 22 collages mixed media on paper, framed 35.5cm x 35.5cm x 4.5cm


Book Covers